20 Most Promising Campus Tech Solution Providers - 2014

20 Most Promising Campus Tech Solution Providers - 2014

The education industry is inducing technological advancements into its domain to reap the enriching experience for its students. With the enhancements to IT, the need for a robust platform for maintaining the school records, communication with students, financial aiding systems, security and many more have come to the forefront. Campus Technologies serves the requirements with its innovative and vigorous solutions that not only fulfills the rising need in education sector but also takes it to the next level of augmentation.

The education sector is on a hunt for uplifting the standards of online education system. The huge transformation in the ways students conceive their educational opportunities has expanded the need for upgraded technologies into the education sector. The days are gone when students relied on books and notes for their research. Invention of internet, search engines such as Google and other developed or developing tech-enhancements have emerged to be a major factor for the changes in the ways students approach their educational facilities. But the overuse of internet to gather required information leads to increase in server traffic. Alongside, the need for online education and tutorials, and integrating students’ information onto one platform for easy access remains at top of the requisite list for the sector. Campus Technologies not only renders cost-effective solutions to the above issues but also ensures information security, fortifying the sector towards its excellence.

In the last few months, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts including CIO Review editorial board decided the top companies that primarily serves the education industry, and shortlisted the ones that are at the forefront of tackling challenges faced in the industry.

In the selection process, they looked at the vendors’ capability to fulfill the needs of buyers with campus technologies that supports core education administration for the sector. Also, they evaluated the vendors’ support through the integration of latest technologies into their system. Therefore, in this edition of CIO Review, we bring to you “20 Most Promising Campus Technology Providers of 2014”, featuring the vendors creating an impact in the educational sector.

Company Name

Company Description

7signal Offers innovative, proactive Wi-Fi performance management system which improves the performance and reliability of Wi-Fi networks.
Abbyy ABBYY provides of document recognition, data capture and linguistic technologies and services.
CampusLogic Providing innovative solutions that increase efficiency, decrease costs, ensure compliance and improve the student experience.
Colosa Offers Business Process Management, Modeling and Analysis Tools that are simple to use and deliver immediate results.
Cranium Cafe Cranium Cafe is the student SOS button that offers instant in-office appointments to your off-campus students.
EBSCO Information Services Provides a complete and optimized research solution comprised of research databases, e-books and e-journals.
Entrust Datacard Offers the trusted identity and secure transaction technologies that make those experiences reliable and secure.
Fishtree Offers learning platform that solves the problem of scaling one-toone instruction.
Higher One Higher One partners with colleges and universities to lower their administrative costs and to improve graduation rates.
Meteorix Offers Workday Implementations, Integrations, and Post Production Services.
MooFwd Mobile Solutions Offers integrated and intuitive mobile solutions for common and unique business processes.
PeerApp Solutions that help manage Internet content traffic on college and university networks, speeding delivery for better QoE and reducing network load.
Smartvue Provides end-to-end surveillance solutions which combine cost-effective network video recording devices and cloud management services.
Sofbang Sofbang specializes in delivering business driven technology solutions that help clients achieve strategic business objectives.
Taskstream Provides cloud-based software and supporting services to efficiently plan and manage assessment processes
Tidemark Tidemark extends financial planning beyond the CFO’s office to the front lines of every business decision maker.
Vivantech Vivantech specializes in open source software for educational institutions.
Vocado Vocado offers a game changing school management solution with the highest level of Financial Aid process automation available in the market today.
Vocareumcode LMS Vocareum offers Learning Management System built specifically for teaching students to code.
Whitebirch Software Whitebirch is a financial modeling platform that features an alternative technology to spreadsheets for building models and generating financial analysis.