20 Most Promising Campus Tech Solution Providers - 2017

20 Most Promising Campus Tech Solution Providers - 2017

In the face of mounting costs and progressively tech-savvy students on campuses, education now is on an expeditious pace of transformation. As artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning gain traction, schools and colleges can harness these technologies to provide round-the-clock support to all user groups within their campuses. Powering AI and machine learning in the higher education landscape is natural language processing (NLP). Several campuses have already started integrating NLP into their e-learning applications to upgrade the process of education. By the same token, gamification is increasingly adopted by organizations as an engaging and interactive mechanism for learning and teaching.

Meanwhile, new forms of human-computer interaction like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are jazzing up classroom environments while fostering education among young learners. A relevant example is the introduction of Chatbots to help students with campus-related information. From an operations standpoint, many of these campuses rely on IoT for intelligent mechanisms such as building alarms, parking space monitoring systems, lighting controls, etc.

Institutions striving to climb higher in the education value chain look for the best solution providers. To help CIOs navigate this flourishing landscape, a distinguished panel of selectors, consisting of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts, and CIOReview’s editorial board has shortlisted the top campus technology solution providers that are at the forefront meeting the urgent needs of the industry. The listing offers a look into how these solutions are put to use, thereby enabling you to gain a deep insight as to how they will optimize businesses.

We present to you CIOReview’s 20 Most Promising Campus Tech Solution Providers 2017.

Company Name

Company Description

ALEKS Leader in the creation of web-based, artificially intelligent, educational software
Blackboard [NASDAQ:BBBB] Delivers innovative education technology and services that help schools, districts, institutions, and companies drive student success
Campus Management Higher education platforms and services that allow transformation of academic delivery, student success, and operational efficiencies
Centurion Technologies Delivers workstation security management software and advanced ransomware protection technologies for the education sector
ComSpec International Builds business applications for the higher education market, with expertise in application and database design
DreamBox Learning Provides deeply personalized learning experience that guides and engages students at all levels with a combination of a rigorous K-8 math curriculum
Ellucian Provides the software and services institutions need to help students succeed
Firecracker Develops a mobile, e-learning platform that combines memory science principles and AI to improve student learning
Foradian Technologies Enterprise software solutions for education institutions worldwide for all administration, management, and learning related activities
Jenzabar Provides software and services designed to drive higher performance in every department of the institution
Kornukopia Developer of LMS/LCMS built on HTML5 and also provider of communication and management tools for regular class room education
Macmillan Learning Macmillan Learning improves lives through learning
Microsoft [NASDAQ:MSFT] Provides Microsoft Azure IoT Services that can help bring the Internet of Things to life, and turn campus into a fully connected one
OnBase OnBase manages content, processes, and cases on one platform, uniting all your critical systems and content
Pearson Provider of learning materials, technologies, assessments, and services to teachers and students
Quantum Adaptive Learning Develops intelligent adaptive learning and assessment software solutions that inspire students to achieve more
rSmart Provides a next-generation campus solution that makes finding campus services faster and easier than ever
SARS Software Products Provides one-stop software solutions at an affordable price for the higher education market
School Innovations & Achievement Develops innovative software and programs that can be up and running in no time to improve student attendance
Tribal Group Provides a wide range of products and services that support the delivery of education learning and training service